C H R I S T I N A  

A U G U S T E S E N  


I frame and control light via translucent surfaces, and employ diffuse light to combine colours, such that the light is gradiated from light to dark and from one colour to another.

Depending on the amount of light and its colourations, different colour combinations are created that range from delicate shades to more deeply saturated hues.

Soft, diffuse light is juxtaposed against precise vertical elements which establish contrasting exactitude. In the gradation between light and dark, spaciousness and depth are created, and the artworks shift back and forth between appearing as two and three dimensions. As one moves alongside the artworks, variations and overlaps of the surfaces occur, whereby new colours emerge and the surrounding spaces seem to expand and contract depending upon one's position in relation to the artworks.

I work with daylight and electric light as the light sources in my sculptures. In the artworks where I work with daylight as the light source, I frame and diffuse the daylight through various forms and translucent materials. I am interested in daylight’s dynamic properties; its changes in intensities, colours, and directionalities across the course of a day and over the seasons. I incorporate these natural, lively changes into the artworks – to become additional shifts and movements in each design.

In the artworks where I utilise electric light, the light sources are controlled in order to create concentrated and saturated colours that shift and change at different temporal durations.

I fabricate the works using translucent acrylic sheets as canvases for composing the electric light, illuminating the surfaces from behind. The acrylic sheets are formed into planes, which are then staggered in order to produce variations in the diffusion of the light and the spatial experiences.

Depending upon the colour and intensity of the electrical light, different colour shades are generated via the interplay of the polychromy of the light and the materials.

Moreover, the immaterial light is made visible via the materiality of the treated acrylic planes.

My inspiration for working with light and colours stems from an understanding of light as a dynamic phenomenon, including understanding how colours occur in light’s refractions. Likewise, I am inspired by the ways that light and colours help accentuate different spaces and create diverse atmospheres. My primary interest is in the interactions occurring in-between the immateriality of light and the materiality of surfaces, including the ways in which these two are co-dependent upon one other, and consequently enable people to perceive surfaces and spaces in meaningful and inspiring ways.

In short, in my creative practice I am fascinated by the shifts occurring in-between light intensities and colour nuances, including light’s immaterial colour palette and its interplay with the colour palettes of materials. These are my primary media and ongoing inspirations.

Christina Augustesen